Creative Doldrums

There is zero wind in my sails right now.

If you didn’t know, I’ve got an autobiographical webcomic called Love, Life, and Earthquakes. I was really passionate about it for a while there and I actually updated and it gave me a place to vent and a lot of really great stuff. But now I’ve completely lost any motivation to draw it. I have a feeling it’s because I’m so behind. I mean right now is the end of February and I’m not even to last Halloween! Does anyone want to relive their boring ass life from five months ago? Not me. Also, I don’t have much to vent about and I think the drama made for interesting comics. I’m pretty happy with how things are going and as much as I’d like to rub that in all your faces, it just doesn’t have the same kick as crying about exboyfriends and natural disasters. Maybe I’m not cut out for autobiographical stuff because I think to be really good at a journal comic you have to find interest, humor, and/or excitement in your everyday routine. Clearly I think my everyday routine is boring. Maybe the problem is with how I view my own life (which btw, I AM happy about just incase I’m coming off as sulky).

I don’t want to stop working on it just because I’ve got comic ennui. LLE is probably my biggest artistic achievement and I think to just let it fizzle out would diminish that. I also feel guilty about not having a project because I’m not working full time right now and that seems ok as long as I have something on the side. You’re not a loser for living with your parents and making five hundred dollars a month as long as you’re doing it for an artistic dream, right?

I just don’t know.

This post doesn’t really have a conclusion or a plan, but I wanted to put this in writing so people know why my comic is fizzling.

Wish List!

-Silk long-underwear (medium tops and bottoms): it’s cold outside and all my long-underwear went missing in the mail when I moved back from Japan. Save me!
-American Apparel Unisex Hoodie (extra small, black or another neutral color): I love these hoodies and I would like another one.
-American Apparel Leggings (medium, black): Another item that went missing in the move!
-Long sleeve t-shirts (medium): So practical.
-Brown jeans (US size 8 but include a gift receipt since pants are hard to fit): I saw a Korean girl at school wearing brown jeans and they looked super cute. I want to be super cute too!
-Gift certificate to Anthropologie, The Gap, Nordstrom, and American Apparel: I mailed all of my winter clothes back to Seattle and the box never arrived. I need to go shopping.

Personal Care
-Clarisonic Mia face brush: This thing gets rave reviews on YouTube.
-Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes eyeliner (black and brown): My favorite eyeliner. My black is running out and I was thinking brown might be nice and feminine.
-Bocia Black Mask: I want to try this, it looks fun and effective.
-Gift certificate to Sephora so I can find a new moisturizer: I need a new moisturizer but I’m really picky so a gift certificate would be awesome.

Arts and Crafts
-Sock yarn: Preferred brands include Regia and Autermann Step but I’ll take anything.
-Wool for spinning: Merino or Corriedale.
-Windsor & Newton Series 7 brushes (Size 3): I’d like a few of these at one time.

Completely Impractical
-iMac (27″): Dream big.

Alway Accepted
-Cold hard cash


Robot Riding and Dinosaur requested by Paul R.

A few days ago I put a call out on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook for ideas of things to draw on postcards. The suggestions were eclectic to say the least. These are the first three that I’ve finished and I have four or five left to go. BTW, if you requested any of these and would like it mailed to you send me an email with your address, I promise to keep the stalking to a minimum: amcfarlane at aimeeisdrawing dot com
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Mountain and the Moon

Click to view larger.

This is kind of repost and kind of not. This is the final image and it was scanned with halfway decent color. A musician friend of mine wrote a song called Mountain and the Moon which is about how the earth and the sky have been in love since the beginning of time (see youtube video below). It’s a very sweet song and when I was bored and wanted something to paint it seemed like a good enough idea.

It isn’t perfect but I’m happy with how the painting turned out. When I was painting I thought I got a little heavy handed with the trees and hill, but now I think it works. I’ve been doing so much with comics recently that it’s weird to have a single image that has to stand up on it’s own.